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We're sorry, Cobaltium is currently offline.

Due to funding issues, the Cobaltium minecraft server has been forced to shut down. Follow us on twitter to see any future announcemtns.

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Cobaltium Rules

  1. Server Rules
    • No Griefing
      • Don't destroy or break other player's property.
      • Don't create stress or danger for a player, or prevent them from building.
      • Don't create excessive lag or an object/system that can be dangerous to the server's health.
      • Don't harm the environment or community.
      • Do not attempt to degrade another player's gaming experience.
      • Do not reveal personal information about yourself or other players, including but not limited to real name or location.
      • Do not cheat in any way, including during events.

    • No Hacking
      • Don't use ANY cheat programs/cheat clients/hacks, such as X-rays and fly hacks.
      • Don't use ANY exploits or glitches, nor teach others how to.
      • Don't use transparent texture packs. (aka X-ray texture-packs)
      • Don't use mod or other system that gives you an unfair advantage over others.

    • No Flaming
      • Don't bully or scam others.
      • Don't offend any racial, ethnic, religious, or other groups.
      • Don't direct profanity at a player, nor use it excessively.
      • Don't be vulgar. While we support free expression, vulgarity will be punished.

    • Kit items of ANY sort may not be sold, given away, or salvaged.
    • If you are going to build a mob farm, it MUST have a method to toggle spawning (Lighting system) and be turned off when not in use.
      -- See this post for complete guidelines.
    • You are responsible for your account. "My brother did it on my account" is not a valid excuse, and you will remain banned.
    • You may not create, possess, or use any disabled items.
    • Minecarts may cause excess stress on the server, consult a staff member before any use.

  2. Disabled Items
    • Flint & Steel - Ask a mod for assistance.
    • Buckets - Disabled for lower ranks. Ask a higher rank to place it for you. (Paupers may use water, Nobles may use lava.)
    • TNT

  3. Community rules(Chat, IRC, TS, Forums)
    • You are required to use English at all times.
    • Do not spam or be purposely annoying.
    • Don't use 'text speak' ex. 'u' instead of 'you,' '2' for 'to/too,' 'y' for 'why,' etc.
    • No Advertising.
    • Don't ask for ranks. Information available in the FAQ
    • Don't impersonate another player.
    • Do not tell other players ANYTHING about spells. They are to be kept a secret upon finding them.
    • Mark ANY questionable links as such.
    • Videos recorded on Cobaltium for a public medium (ex. YouTube) MUST not include global chat. Leave global, or turn off your interface.(F1)

  4. Tekkit Rules
    • We occasionally run a Tekkit, FTB, or other modpack server. There is no expectation of permanence for these maps.
    • Do not ask when we will put the server up. Anywhere. We will do so if resources are available.
    • Unless explicitly noted, ALL rules from the main map still apply.
    • All chat rules still apply.
    • No ban evasion. If you are banned, do not use a different account. Punishment may include bans from the main server.
    • Bans on our modpack server cannot be appealed. One ban here, and you are done for good.
    • Due to modpack compatibility issues, some items have been disabled. Consult the forum post for the respective server.
  5. Forum rules
    • Do not 'Necro' threads. Ex. posting in a 'dead' thread.
    • Don't use quotes out of context. If you are using a portion, make it obvious that you are, and link to the source.
    • Images in signatures MUST be under 500kb in total. (You will lose signature privileges without warning.)
    • Don't abuse the reputation system.
    • Spell and grammar check all posts and PMs.
    • Do not post if you have nothing to add to the thread. This means no 'one line' posts. Generally, if it is under 150 characters, it doesn't belong here.
    • Search. Search. Search. Search before posting a question, search before posting a suggestion. You just look like an idiot if you recreate a thread for no reason. Some suggestions are denied outright. We shouldn't have to do it twice.
  6. Teamspeak Rules
    • Keep your microphone volume at a normal level.
    • No random recording.
    • Do not echo. If you do not have a headset, PTT is required.

Rules are global. For example, this means that you may NOT break a server rule on the forums

If you have to ask if you are allowed to do something, or it is questionable, Just don't do it. It doesn't need to be explicitly stated to be against the rules.

If you find someone has broken the rules, do not hesitate to collect screenshots and post them in the Reports section of the forums.
Additionally, you can use the "Report" button in the bottom right corner of the post.

How can i get X rank?

Well, some ranks are applied for, and some are granted by admins. Do not ask for a rank. You may also donate for special privileges, see the donate tab.

Hey mod/admin, can you spawn me X?

Short answer: NO.
Long answer: Mods and admins are not walking vending machines. It is against the spirit of the game to hand out spawned items.

How do I become a Pauper?

You start out as a Nooble, to become a Pauper, you must have a positive impact on the server. Contrary to popular belief, you do not simply become a pauper after playing for a while.

How do I become a Noble? How many votes do I need?

Most ranks, such as noble, must be applied for on the forums. For noble, you should actively play for at very least two weeks, and then use the template provided. Proper spelling and grammar are a must. Once you have made a thread with your application, fellow players and staff members will review it.
The amount of votes is irrelevant. Staff make the ultimate decision. If you have been determined worthy, you will be granted the rank.
Allow up to 2 weeks for your application to be voted upon.

I don't want to be a noble. I want to be an Elder now!

Okay... That wasn't a question. Elder is not a player rank. Very few people aspire to be Elders, you will be invited to apply by a staff member if you are eligible.

Who is Chlikikijleelgus?

Chlikikijleelgus is the Web developer. He keeps the website and forums running.

Something is broken/I have a suggestion for the website, Who do i tell?

The webmaster is always looking for good ideas. Send him an email at, or PM him on the forums.

What are Noobills? How do I get them?

The official currency of Cobaltium is the Noobill. They can be used for transactions in shops or directly to players. Chest shops will automatically deduct the money from your wallet when used. You start with a small amount of Noobills, and to get more you need to sell to other players.
Useful commands
  • /money -Shows how much money you have
  • /money pay [player] [X] - Gives [X] noobills to [player]

What are kits?

Kits are sets of items you can select based off of your rank. For example, '/kit nooble' will give you a set of wooden tools, and two raw fish.

I have been banned! What do I do?

If you have been banned, you may post a ban appeal on the forums, in this section.

Vote for Cobaltium!

Here, you can vote for our servers on several different lists. Voting for us helps us gain publicity, helping the server grow. Additionally, some of these links will give you an in-game reward for voting!

[MC] Minestatus

Enter your name, and fill out the captcha to vote. Vote! »

[MC]MC Server Status

Enter your name, and fill out the captcha to vote. Vote! »

[MC] Minecraft Servers

Simply fill out the captcha to vote. Vote! »

[MC] Planet Minecraft

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Cobaltium IRC

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. Currently, our IRC channel is linked to the server chat, allowing easy two way communcation. Our channel is Moderated, which means you cannot speak without the Voice flag. Once you register (/msg nickserv help register), PM an IRC operator (Denoted with a @ before their name) and ask for voice.

There are several free IRC clients available for a variety of platforms. For example,
If you have an IRC client installed, you can use this link to connect.

Or, you can manually connect.
Channel: #cobaltium

Alternatively, you can use this web client.


This is the map of the server, in real time.
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Comment? Suggestion? Bug?
Let me know about it.

You can PM Chlikikijleelgus on the forums, or email me at Chlikikijleelgusis not@CobaltiumThis is harder to parse by
Server suggestions/bugs/ban inquiries should be posted on the forums, not sent to Chlikikijleelgus.